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Chicken Or Shrimp Alfredo1

Grilled Chicken/Shrimp With Mano’s Creamy Alfredo Sauce And Shaved Parmesan Cheese With Baked Spaghetti Or Fettuccine.


Chicken Parmesan

Backed Spaghetti Or Fettuccine With Our Breaded Chicken Breast Topped With Marinara Sauce And Parmesan Cheese.



Ovenbaked Manicotti Stuffed With Ricotta Cheese In Mano’s Creamy Sauce Topped With Mozzarella Cheese.


Meat Ball Parmesan1

Baked Spaghetti Or Fettuccine With Italian Meat Balls Topped With Marinara Sauce And Parmesan Cheese.


Meat Lasagna

Mano Made Lasagna With Mozzarella, Ricotta Cheese And Ground Beef Topped With Marinara Sauce.


Spaghetti With Marinara

Topped With Mano Made Chunky Marinara Sauce Shaved Parmesan Cheese. Served With Garlic Bread.